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For your security, please do not use this form to share personal information, health information, social security numbers or credit card numbers. Instead, we recommend contacting your clinic and/or doctor directly. We will try to reply to you within 48 business hours. Sorry, we cannot provide diagnosis or treatment by email. If this is a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

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Complimentary Offers Available at Hoag Medical Group

At Hoag Medical Group, we believe it's important that you select a physician that is right for you and your family. That’s why we provide the following opportunities for you to get to know the Hoag Medical Group physicians and staff.

Meet the Doctor

Engage in a complimentary one-on-one meeting to discuss the doctor’s approach to patient care and determine if the doctor is a good fit for you. Valid for new patients only, no insurance required.*

Prenatal Consultation with a Pediatrician

Meet a pediatrician to learn about Hoag Medical Group Pediatrics and how we can care for your child and serve as your trusted health care partner. Valid for new patients only, no insurance required.

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* Limited to general questions, anything related to diagnosis and/ or treatment would designate the need for a separate medical appointment. Excludes Aliso Viejo Family Medicine and Woodbury locations. Limited time offer, expires December 31, 2018.

  • Location

    Phone Numbers

  • Aliso Viejo

    Internal Medicine & Pediatrics – 888-635-1228

  • Fountain Valley

    Family Medicine – 855-867-7374

  • Huntington Beach

    Hoag Health Center
    Family Medicine & Internal Medicine – 888-727-3690
    Pediatrics – 888-835-0972

  • Laguna Beach

    Family Medicine – 855-852-2203

  • Newport Beach

    Fashion Island Area
    Internal Medicine – 888-375-8931

    Hoag Health Center
    Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, & Pediatrics – 888-912-7816

  • Irvine

    Hoag Health Center Woodbridge
    Family Medicine – 888-279-7164
    Pediatrics – 888-609-8127

    Sand Canyon Avenue
    Internal Medicine – 888-867-6640

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