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What is the Best Kind of Diet to Lose Weight?
By Lauren Sweetser, M.D.

Q: What is the best kind of diet to lose weight? A: Patients ask me all the time what diet is best for weight loss, and the truth is there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. Trends like eliminating gluten, eating only protein or detoxing on ... Read More

How to Avoid Anxiety During the Holidays
By Amit K Hiteshi, M.D.

Do we experience more mental health disorders during the holidays? Not really. The popular belief that rates of clinical mental health issues spike between Thanksgiving and New Year’s has been disproven time and again. But that doesn’t ... Read More

Understanding Autoimmune Diseases
By Sheetal Gavankar, M.D.

As a Rheumatologist, I often have to explain to patients what it means to have an autoimmune disease. To understand what an autoimmune disease is we must first define what an antibody is. An antibody is protein that is made in large amounts by the ... Read More

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