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The Importance of Vitamin D
By Daniel Nadeau, M.D.

Vitamin D, the “sun” vitamin, is most commonly associated with bone health. It can be made by your body given sun exposure or taken as a supplement. Food (even fortified food sources) is generally low in vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D ... Read More

Athletic Supplementation: Protein Powder and Creatine
By Jennifer Birkhauser, M.D., F.A.A.P.

During adolescent sports physicals, I am commonly asked for my thoughts on a variety of supplements that athletes are hearing a lot about. Two such substances, protein powder and creatine, seem to come up more often than others, so I’d like to ... Read More

Geriatric Assessment: What Should I Expect?
By Hong Shune, M.D.

People are living much longer now. Our average life expectancy has increased to 80 years, and the oldest living person is 115 years old! People are not only aiming to live a longer life, but also, more importantly, a physically and mentally healthy ... Read More

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