Safe Travels:

How to Avoid Germs While On the Go

By Amit Hiteshi, MD

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What to Consider

When Choosing a Pediatrician

By Julie (Omid) Palmisano, MD, FAAP

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The Importance of Physical Activity

By Hong Shune, M.D.

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How to

Feed a Picky Eater

By Meigan Everts, MD, FAAP

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How to Choose

A Primary Care Physician

by Valentina Dalili-Shoaie, M.D.

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A Crisis in Our Schools

by Jennifer Birkhauser, M.D., F.A.A.P.

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Baby's First Year: Developmental Milestones
By Elaine Gan-Yong, M.D

Babies go through an astounding amount of changes during their first year of life. From learning to crawl to hearing your baby’s first words, these developmental milestones can help parents and pediatricians track your child’s physical ... Read More

Cholesterol in Kids
By Rachel Zabaneh, M.D.

We think of high cholesterol as the punishing conclusion of many years of bad habits. Unfortunately, however, even young children can have high cholesterol. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children be screened for ... Read More

Why do I always feel fatigued?
By Amanda Khosravi, M.D.

Fatigue is a common issue for many people, and as a physician, I often hear this in my practice. Finding the origin of the fatigue and treating it can be challenging, but with some simple steps, my patients and I can work together as a team to find a ... Read More

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